Why Should You Keep A License Issued By The Authority?

Jul 28

If you are looking for an ideal plate issued by the authority for your vehicles, then you should register first. It is a very natural process by which you can easily get your perfect plate within your budget. You have to pay less than 80 Euro as afee for the license that also includes all the taxes. There are no hidden charges although you have to pay for the plated separately.

What Is Driver And Vehicles Licensing Agency?

DVLA is the short name of the Driver and Vehicles Licensing Agency.It is directly related to the UK government for the database of the drivers in US and Britain. Thereis more than enough website where you can register your vehicles under that agency. It also handles the driving license and other collections including excise duty. You have to claim road tax refund in the case of excess tax from them.

Driver And Vehicles Licensing Agency

How Long Can You Use A License?

The license comes with ten years of continued validity that is a good feature. You have to renew your driving license every ten years. No matter what is your age, it is valid even at the age of 70 years. However, you have to go through a renewal process of every three years interval after the age of 70. You don’t have to pay anything for the renovation process.

Where To Register After You Make A Purchase?

You will receive the certificate of entitlement after you make a purchase. You have to keep this paper in a safe place because it is required for the insurance. You have to share your insurance information with the registration agency; this is requiring as identity proof. You can use the website or you can call DVLA to find out information about the car registration, tax and more.

  • It is quite easy to discover the expiry date of your vehicles.
  • It also shows the expiry date of the MOT.
  • You can discover SORN status and Registration date of the vehicles in real time.
  • There is abrief description of the car that also covers the capacity and size of the engine, thecolor of the wheels, engine number and more. There is information related to the manufacturing date of the vehicle.
  • If you don’t know about the vehicles tax rate, then you can use this to find the same.

What Are The Requirements For The Renewal?

You have to be a resident of the Great Britain apart from that you should have a valid and working UK passport. You have to pay 14 Euro by your credit or debit card for renewal although it is free of cost if your age is over 70 years. You have to show them address proof and national insurance number as proof.

How To Get New And Customized Number Plate?

The number plate contains three letter and two numbers. The numbers on the plate represent the age of the car. You have to pay for the new number plates to the supplier. If you want to customize the number plate, then you have to inform them.

You have to send your driving license to headquarter of the agency if you want to change the ownership of the vehicle. You have to fill-up D1 or D2 respectively for the change of the ownership.

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